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  • SPIE is hiring! | SPIE

    A dedicated recruitment hotline has been set up on +33 (0)800 732 730 to provide any information. This campaign will be rolled out across other European countries in 2019
  • SPIE demonstrates its development in Germany and Central Europe at Expo Real 2018 | SPIE

    If the facility is operational, the data of the digital twin provides comprehensive information for work preparation as well as in the execution of work on site. For example, moving on site to identify the works to realise can be avoided thanks to the Digital Twin, "highlights Clarissa Hack, Head of Digital Transformation at SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa
  • The @SPIE mobile app, the SPIE group's in-house and external digital hub | SPIE

    This provides staff members, wherever they are, with access to all in-house information published by SPIE and its subsidiaries on the SPIE intranet and offers them a mobile portal to the company's tools and services such as the virtual library or knowledge management platform. By creating a unique platform for in-house and external content, we are enhancing our proximity to staff members, particularly those working on remote sites who are not connected to the company's digital resources, and to all of our stakeholders: customers, suppliers, partners, etc. explains Pascal Omnès, SPIE group communications director
  • Sustainable mobility | SPIE

    The Group provides smart solutions for improving transport safety and flow, while reducing its environmental impact... To meet this challenge, SPIE has developed innovative information systems designed to manage and optimise transport... Communicating information in real time to operators, drivers and travellers (Intelligent Transport Systems, etc.)
  • SPIE 2017 Investor Day: SPIE in Germany | SPIE

    The objective of this event is to provide investors and financial analysts with more in-depth information on how SPIE has built a leadership position in the German multi technical services market in the recent years, on its current position in the various segments of the market and on the future opportunities that lie ahead in Germany