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Promote energy efficiency

  • EDF and SPIE join forces to promote energy efficiency among their customers | SPIE

    EDF and SPIE join forces to promote energy efficiency among their customers. EDF, a leader in the European energy market, and SPIE, the European leader in electrical, mechanical and HVAC engineering, energy and communication systems, have signed a partnership agreement to promote energy efficiency
  • Combining multiple energies | SPIE

    Promoting energy efficiency. SPIE always puts its expertise to use with an eye toward energy efficiency
  • Energy efficiency | SPIE

    SPIE has also worked to promote energy efficiency in social housing, including the Edgar Degas housing project in Toulouse (France). Thanks to the Group's expertise in mechanical and climatic engineering, this housing complex's 173 units annually consume less than 50 kWh / m 2 of primary energy, thus meeting the requirements for BBC-Effinergie ® certification
  • Green economy | SPIE

    In energy, SPIE assesses and promotes energy efficiency by offering energy savings certificates. Managing the Group's environmental impact
  • SPIE Est signs an energy performance contract with the city of Belfort | SPIE

    To optimise the contribution of user personnel to the goal of reducing energy consumption, SPIE Est has organised a user training scheme in partnership with Gaïa Energies, a local association specialised in promoting energy efficiency... It will focus on selected energy efficiency criteria for each site with the aim of highlighting and promoting best practices