Photovoltaic plant

  • SPIE and Mettenmeier offer an intelligent portal and process solution for application management | SPIE

    No matter whether this involves connecting a photovoltaic plant, a charging point, electric power supply for a construction site or the installation or dismantling of a complete grid connection, AM Servicecenter manages all the activities and documents relevant to the applications across the various business lines and departments
  • SPIE develops the largest solar plant in Hungary | SPIE

    The almost three-month planning phase started in June 2018. After a record realisation time of only 5 months, the works were able to commence their two-month trial operation in February 2019." In the test phase, we were able to collect many important information about the photovoltaic power plant
  • Development of a solar plant in Hungary | SPIE

    The photovoltaic power plant, in which about 16 million euros have been invested and which has been installed on behalf of the Hungarian energy provider Mátrai Er m Zrt, consists of 64 000 polycrystalline solar modules with a nominal output of 355 watts each. The high power and capacity of the environmentally friendly plant could, for example, supply some 6 500 households with electricity
  • SPIE helps create Alsace's largest solar power station | SPIE

    The Wittelsheim power plant is built on the site of Alsace's former potash mines and has 68 508 photovoltaic panels, which cover 27 hectares and produce more than 26 MWp of energy. This makes it one of the largest photovoltaic power plant projects in France... The construction of this solar power plant enables us to consolidate our reputation as an expert in the renewable energies market and even more so in the photovoltaics market