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Photovoltaic plant

  • Valeco has entrusted SPIE Sud-Ouest with the development of a photovoltaic plant in Condom (Gers) | SPIE

    Valeco has entrusted SPIE Sud Ouest with the development of a photovoltaic plant in Condom (Gers
  • Low-carbon energy production | SPIE

    Among its major projects: a giant photovoltaic plant in Toul-Rosières (France), which supplies electricity to a city of 62 000 inhabitants. The Group set up the 300 km of cable that link the plant's 300 000 solar panels to the grid
  • 2011 results - Strong growth in 2011 - New shareholders - new goals | SPIE

    For example, SPIE won France's first social housing energy performance contract in Alsace; it is a member of a consortium commissioned to build one of the largest wind farms in the Netherlands, and it is also working alongside EDF on the Toul-Rosières power station near Metz Europe's largest solar photovoltaic plant
  • SPIE develops the largest solar plant in Hungary | SPIE

    The almost three-month planning phase started in June 2018. After a record realisation time of only 5 months, the works were able to commence their two-month trial operation in February 2019." In the test phase, we were able to collect many important information about the photovoltaic power plant
  • 44 photovoltaic power units on utility buildings in east Corsica | SPIE

    SPIE Sud Est is installing a rooftop photovoltaic power plant with a peak capacity of 4 4 MW for Swiss investment company SUSI Partners. From February to September this year, teams from our Provence division will be fitting 29 000 sq. m. of photovoltaic panels on recently constructed utility buildings
  • Combining multiple energies | SPIE

    Through its efforts in favour of a greener economy, SPIE makes a direct contribution to large-scale projects all across Europe: photovoltaic solar plants, offshore and onshore wind farms, and industrial waste recycling. At the same time, the Group continues to promote fossil energies by lending its support to oil and gas operators in exploration and operation