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Optimize performance

  • Performance improvement solutions | SPIE

    Optimising performance with a comprehensive skillset. SPIE employs its line of specialised technical skills to offer a comprehensive set of services, including the design, development and maintenance of new facilities
  • SPIE and Saint-Etienne Métropole urban authority sign the first energy performance service contract in France | SPIE

    "Improving the site's energy efficiency entails replacing outdated equipment and also maintaining equipment and optimising its performance on a day-to-day basis, "points out Marc Journaux, deputy CEO of SPIE Sud Est." That's what we mean by the word" service" when talking about energy performance service contracts." 2nd undertaking

    Whether you're responsible for a commercial business or industrial facility, today's convergence of engineering and technology provides unique opportunities to optimise the performance of a space, its assets, the people that work within it, but above, its sustainability. KEY FIGURES
  • SPIE organises the "InSPIErations" business event | SPIE

    The interactive panel debate, moderated by Humberto Tan will focus on topical themes like improving the urban environment and facilities, optimising building performance, facilitating the energy transition and optimising and improving the sustainability of industrial processes. This plenary session will be followed by" the InSPIErations" business market: a trade fair-style presentation of SPIE's latest innovations and solutions
  • SPIE Ile-de-France Nord-Ouest signs an energy performance contract (EPC) with the town of Lieusaint | SPIE

    On this strength of its recognised expertise, SPIE Ile de France Nord Ouest is currently optimising the energy performances of the following local authorities. Energy performance contracts (EPC) with the towns of Savigny-sur-Orge (Essonne) and Chevilly-Larue (Val-de-Marne
  • Commercial and residential buildings | SPIE

    The Group treats all types of facilities to optimise the global performance of buildings, including high schools, administrative buildings, hospitals, social housing, museums, athletic centres and shopping malls. Renovating housing
  • SPIE launches SMART FM 360°, its new unified digital platform for its Technical Facility Management business line | SPIE

    The platform is designed to make life easier for users and technicians, enhance occupant comfort and personal and property safety, and optimise the energy performance of installations by prioritising their effective operation. As the core of SPIE's digital offering, which casts operations, maintenance and building services in a whole new light, SMART FM 360 ° is capable of centralising, managing, and producing reports on millions of data points in real time from existing systems, such as TBM and CMMS systems, but also, by capitalising on the IoT, from new connected objects installed in and in the vicinity of buildings ' technical facilities
  • "SMART CITY" and "e-NITIATIVE BUILDINGS" by SPIE Giving a new meaning to cities and buildings | SPIE

    Offices, industrial premises, high schools, administrative buildings, hospitals, residential premises, museums, sports centres, shopping malls..., SPIE's desire to optimise the overall performance of the building extends to all facilities. The aim of SPIE's initiatives is to
  • Expert opinion - Smart buildings: a rapidly evolving ecosystem | SPIE

    For example, 3D modelling enables us to integrate the new management of spaces and to optimise the energy performance of the building. Having the most precise information available in advance, such as the wear rate for components, also enables us to truly optimise maintenance costs
  • International Paris Air Show | SPIE

    SPIE supports its clients in the aviation and space industry at every stage of the value chain, improving the reliability, flexibility and performance of their production equipment and utilities. We focus consciously on the industry of the future, helping you meet your needs in relation to optimizing energy use, digitizing processes and maintenance, the internet of things and reducing environmental impacts