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Optimize management

  • Belgium: SPIE installs solar panels on the Centre Hospitalier de Mouscron | SPIE

    In 2017, the hospital naturally looked towards SPIE when it came to optimising the management and use of energy. It did not take long to make the decision to use a free space on the roof to install the solar panels
  • SPIE Communications presents its netWork IP Cloud Hybrid solution | SPIE

    Companies use less energy in their data centers (outsourcing of equipment and resources) and IT managers optimise the management of their teams according to the company's priorities. The advantages of the netWork IP Cloud Hybrid solution
  • SPIE and Saint-Etienne Métropole urban authority sign the first energy performance service contract in France | SPIE

    Special care will be taken to optimise the management of air conditioning, temperature and relative humidity in order to preserve all the works of art. "Improving the site's energy efficiency entails replacing outdated equipment and also maintaining equipment and optimising its performance on a day-to-day basis, "points out Marc Journaux, deputy CEO of SPIE Sud Est." That's what we mean by the word" service" when talking about energy performance service contracts." 2nd undertaking
  • "Smart City" and "e-nitiative Buildings" from SPIE - Giving new meaning to the city and buildings | SPIE

    The Group is also making a big contribution to improving traffic flows by means of smart systems designed to optimise the management of vehicles and provide operators, motorists and users with information in real time. In addition, SPIE is developing, enhancing- and improving the safety of- transport infrastructure (roads, motorways, airports, and rail, sea and river traffic)
  • Grand Lyon renews its confidence in SPIE Sud-Est with CRITER maintenance contract | SPIE

    CRITER- the traffic control system used by Grand Lyon (Greater Lyon) -handles traffic congestion on 2 400 km of roads and optimises traffic management by implementing operating strategies that can be operated automatically or manually. CRITER has gradually developed into an indispensable communicating system
  • Sustainable mobility | SPIE

    Optimising traffic management and safety. Cities are now faced with a significant increase in traffic from transport
  • Improving quality of life | SPIE

    The Group also plays a major role in improving traffic using intelligent transport systems designed to optimise vehicle management and provide real-time information to operators, drivers and travellers. SPIE also improves the condition and safety of transport infrastructure (roads, motorways, airports, railways, and river and sea ports)