Nuclear power

  • SPIE rolls out a new technique at Penly nuclear power station in Seine-Maritime | SPIE

    SPIE rolls out a new technique at Penly nuclear power station in Seine-Maritime. SPIE rolls out a new technique at Penly nuclear power station in Seine-Maritime... Cergy, 25 january 2022 -SPIE Nucléaire, a French subsidiary of the SPIE group, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, has been given the green light to roll out its new technique that will improve safety at Penly nuclear power station
  • SPIE awarded top honours by its client partner EDF | SPIE

    Every year, the Nuclear Generation Division of the EDF Group organises a challenge to showcase the best innovations implemented at its nuclear power plants. This brings together the teams involved in EDF's nuclear activities, including power stations, engineering and R&D units, business associations and the Group's industrial partners involved in maintenance and logistics across the nuclear plants
  • SPIE participates in the third series of "Business Innovation Meetings" organised by the E-clide cluster, a nuclear Innovation incubator | SPIE

    Among them, several members of the GIFEN (the Group of French Industrial Partners in the Nuclear Energy Sector) will be present, as will representatives from EDF (specifically from the Blayais power station), the President of the Regional Council of Nouvelle-Aquitaine and operational personnel from SPIE Nucléaire
  • SPIE awarded new contract thanks to its business integration process | SPIE

    MMC (Maintenance Mesure Contrôle), a company integrated in 2017, has just been awarded a national contract by EDF (Electricité de France) for pipe freezing operations in France's nuclear power stations (a process used during maintenance activities)... MMC has just been awarded a national contract for pipe freezing operations for the 900 MW, 1300 MW, 1450 MW and EPR units of France's nuclear power stations
  • 2015 annual results - Another year of EBITA growth and excellent cash conversion | SPIE

    Nuclear reaffirmed its position as a key player in the industry and continued to report steady year-on-year growth, on the back of the long-term maintenance programmes of the French nuclear power plants. EBITA margins grew strongly in 2015 at both Oil & Gas and Nuclear, with segmental margins up 66 basis points year-on-year, at 9 7 %
  • SPIE helps create Alsace's largest solar power station | SPIE

    The nuclear power station in Fessenheim has been closed down and the current focus is on developing renewable energies. Now the German Krannich Group has won the contract to build" the Amélie Mine "solar power station in the French municipality of Wittelsheim
  • Beginnings (1900-1967) | SPIE

    It specialises in electrical equipment for thermal and nuclear power stations, through its subsidiary Thermatome and alongside Framatome. 1967
  • Christelle Perin, network maker | SPIE

    SPIE Nucléaire was looking for a contractor to store around 200 reels per year, who could also cut the cables to the desired length to ensure that they would be ready for the inspections of the three nuclear power stations every ten years. Formalised last spring, the project began with the equipping of the ESAT site and training in technical procedures, which had been trans-cribed into adapted operating pro- cedures
  • Energies | SPIE

    Smart electricity substations and new high-voltage lines, stocking renewable energy, digital simulations and data sharing in nuclear power stations, remote maintenance of oil facilities... our services are at the heart of the current changes taking place in the energy sector. Intelligence is also in the network
  • SPIE wins the Fem'Energia award in the "Joint Application" category | SPIE

    Christine Mordelet, local point of contact, manages the interface with the first pilot site, the Dampierre nuclear power station. She ensures compliance with our procedures, drawn up with the ESAT, through regular visits