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Management solution

  • SPIE and ISTIA are coming together for a challenge of a new kind: 32 hours of a giant Serious Game about the real estate of the future | SPIE

    The year is 2030 and the teams will have to think about Facility Management solutions in the context of the creation of a new business centre, imagining the future services offered to clients. Each team will benefit from the assistance of an employee of SPIE Facilities who is a graduate of the school and who will be by their side as the game progresses
  • SPIE presents expanded range of services at E-world energy and water in Essen | SPIE

    At the trade fair, the company will focus on electric mobility, lighting management, energy infrastructure system solutions for industrial companies, asset management solutions such as condition assessments of grids and facilities in addition to disposal management and smart grid solutions. E-world energy and water provides an ideal dialogue platform for current and new customers, business partners, job applicants and press representatives to gain information on SPIE's expanded range of services, and to continue and intensify the level of contact with SPIE's transmission and distribution experts
  • SPIE to showcase at Expo Real 2017 | SPIE

    As an independent European market leader in multi technical services in the areas of energy and communications, SPIE will focus on five service areas at the trade fair: technical facility management system solutions, energy-efficiency solutions, technical services for the transmission and distribution of energy, services for industrial customers and services in the areas of information, communication, network and media technology in addition to electrical and security technology and heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems
  • SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa | SPIE

    Its service range encompasses technical facility management, energy-efficiency solutions, technical services for the transmission and distribution of energy and for industrial clients as well as in the areas of electrical and security technology, HVAC technology and information and communications technology
  • SPIE wins Digital Leader Award | SPIE

    The software solution is unique in the industry and gives us a significant competitive advantage, says Carsten Ruffer, Head of IT and Business Process Management at SPIE SAG... Existing solutions such as SAP, AWFM and the document management system were expanded