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Limit the environmental impact

  • Transport: Agora, road & motorway traffic management system | SPIE

    Respond to users ' mobility, safety and comfort requirements while limiting the environmental impact of traffic. Agora, the heart of your information systems, helps you
  • Sustainable purchasing | SPIE

    Among its commitments to a green economy, SPIE has implemented a proactive policy of sustainable purchasing to limit its environmental impact. In this way, the Group promotes corporate responsibility while encouraging innovation through the development of smart solutions
  • Carbon accounting | SPIE

    To limit environmental impact, SPIE performed the carbon accounting of its subsidiaries in 2008 and the combined carbon accounting of the entire Group in 2010. In 2014, the company generated 1 014 000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions of CO 2, representing 194 grams of CO 2 per euro of revenue