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Lighting installations

  • Château de Fontainebleau: SPIE completes the upgrade of the security and emergency lighting system | SPIE

    Saint-Denis, June 18th 2018 --SPIE is soon to complete its upgrade and compliance work on the security and emergency lighting installations of the Château de Fontainebleau... Security lighting: major challenges to ensure the harmonious integration of installations in monumental settings
  • SPIE Facilities and SPIE CityNetworks: Two new French subsidiaries serving the Group's strategy | SPIE

    In all these sectors, there is no shortage of development prospects: continuing the rollout of 4G and then 5G networks, participation in France's Very High-Speed Network Plan, large-scale rollout of electric vehicle charging infrastructure (in 2015, there were fewer than 10 000 charge points, but there should be 7 million by 2030), renovation and modernisation of public lighting installations (there are 3 6 million lampposts which are over 25 years old), etc
  • International Departures Lounge South Terminal (IDL) - Phase2 | SPIE

    Installation of new services to retail units along with new lighting and small power to passenger seating areas... Installation of DALI control lighting system
  • SPIE Wins £2.6m Contract for Installation Upgrade at Manchester Airport | SPIE

    The firm will be responsible for the installation of the LED lighting upgrade for the A538 Manchester Airport Tunnels for Runways 1 and 2. London, October 23rd 2017 --SPIE UK has been awarded the contract for the installation of the LED lighting upgrade for the A538 Manchester Airport Tunnels, which serve runways 1 and 2. The 20- week contract, worth in excess of £ 2 6 million, commenced in May 2017 as part of a planned refurbishment scheme alongside Galliford Try Plc, the construction and regeneration group
  • SPIE replaces safety lighting for AWO Körtingsdorf senior center in Hannover | SPIE

    -AWO Bezirksverband Hannover commissions SPIE with the installation of new safety lighting at Seniorenzentrum Körtingsdorf senior centre. -The project focuses on conformity with all legal requirements as well as successful technical acceptance of the safety lighting
  • SPIE lights up the Royal Fortress of Chinon | SPIE

    The entire installation can thus be controlled via an automaton, on which several lighting scenarios combining white and notes of colour can be programmed depending on the seasons and events... The lighting teams then took over so the first trials could be conducted in November and the installation could be ready for its inauguration on the 30th of November
  • SPIE implements Smart Office Vision | SPIE

    For the first time, installation and maintenance of the lighting system fall within the IT department's area of responsibility. We supplement the lighting system developed by Philips and Cisco with our expertise in the area of technical facility management
  • SPIE installs electrotechnical infrastructure at Merck's new packaging centre | SPIE

    The contract also included the installation of lighting systems including emergency lighting, a fire brigade information system and several data networks. SPIE's German subsidiary therefore set 2 000 lighting fixtures as well as 480 loudspeakers up throughout the new infrastructure.à
  • SPIE assists in the redevelopment of the Allier's banks | SPIE

    The specifications provide for the installation of 208 lighting columns 5 40 and 10 50 metres tall, 117 wooden poles 7 and 5 metres tall, 43 spotlights embedded in the ground, 101 metres of embedded LED light bars and 21 spotlights highlighting a dovecot... Following a 6-month design phase undertaken by SAG Vigilec's internal design office (September 2018 -March 2019), the electricity distribution works began in March 2019. The installation of public lighting should begin in June and last until autumn 2019. This work will involve 20 employees and more than 2 600 hours of work
  • SPIE and Groenendijk PGN Construction optimize cooperation processes at Technical University Delft | SPIE

    SPIE is responsible for installing the lighting and power installations as well as fire security and camera surveillance. TU Delft is choosing a spraying technique for its ceilings on which the installations are fixed to the bare concrete