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Intelligent systems

  • Sustainable mobility | SPIE

    Communicating information in real time to operators, drivers and travellers (Intelligent Transport Systems, etc.). Promoting ecological transport
  • SPIE implements Smart Office Vision | SPIE

    This is why networking via intelligent lighting systems stands to reason, says André Diener from Cisco... As a leading technical services provider for the comprehensive management of buildings, SPIE offers its customers the intelligent lighting system as a complete solution
  • SPIE suppliers rewarded for their creativity | SPIE

    Signify for its InterAct Office innovation, an intelligent lighting system providing information to users in real time to optimise the use of space and energy consumption. ' Corporate social responsibility ' category
  • Château de Fontainebleau: SPIE completes the upgrade of the security and emergency lighting system | SPIE

    The security installations were entirely revamped with the aim of putting in place an intelligent surveillance system. Stage 1 involved creating a network dedicated to ensuring the security of the site
  • SPIE equips new research building "LASE" of the Kaiserslautern Technical University with the latest building technology | SPIE

    Among other things, SPIE will be installing fire-protection, intercom and lighting systems, as well as medium-voltage and low-voltage switching systems (MS / NS) in addition to building technology in the fields of building automation (KNX) and intelligent lighting control (DALI), as well as the data network and Wi-Fi. The multi-technical service provider will also set up and maintain the emergency-power replacement system, the system for the interruption-free power supply (UPS) and the smoke-extraction (RWA), lightning protection and safety-lighting system
  • SPIE customer scheme wins award | SPIE

    The scope of services provided by SPIE comprised the further development of the hydraulic systems and control technology, the optimisation of volume flows, the reduction of hydraulic resistance, the intelligent selection of generators and the modification of a heat pump. Other service components included the optimised operation of the recooling plants, the expansion of waste heat utilisation and the establishment of a modern, digital energy management system for continuous remote monitoring of energy consumption
  • SPIE Wins Contract with The Pirbright Institute | SPIE

    This requires closely controlled environments, adaptable systems that can satisfy varying conditional requirements and resilient electrical and heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems... SPIE are also providing the customer with a smart technology- based solution through the installation of innovative and intelligent lighting controls that mimic sunrise and sunset as well as specialist twin ballast luminaries to promote a poultry friendly environment
  • SPIE is supporting the city of Courbevoie in the deployment of its optical fibre and WiFi network | SPIE

    For over two years, in parallel with deployment of the optical fibre network, SPIE ICS, SPIE CityNetworks and Prunevieille have also been responsible for urban video protection in Courbevoie: infrastructure work, fitting and connecting cameras, configuration and system maintenance... The new network rolled out connecting all public buildings will offer the city hall the option of developing new technical services with full autonomy (intelligent public lighting, traffic and parking management, etc.), and new educational initiatives in schools