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  • SPIE is using IoT and Facilities Management to improve air quality | SPIE

    SPIE is using IoT and Facilities Management to improve air quality. SPIE is using IoT and Facilities Management to improve air quality... Saint-Denis, 22 September 2021 -SPIE ICS and SPIE Facilities, subsidiaries of the SPIE group, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, are combining their skills to deploy an unprecedented secure digital turn-key solution to improve air quality in all commercial spaces
  • SPIE CityNetworks goes digital and boosts its operational excellence for customers | SPIE

    Improved quality and responsiveness through digital smartphone services... The results were quickly seen and made it possible to eliminate administrative, optimise interventions with precise operating modes and improve the quality of follow-up and the time taken to report and share information with customers
  • SPIE takes over the renovation of the municipal offices in Albi | SPIE

    Now more than ever, our role is to modernise buildings to make them efficient and smart, and improve quality of life for their occupants, "explains Matthieu Boutonnet, Department Head within SPIE's Tertiaire division... This project aims to achieve a final reduction of primary energy consumption of 56 %. It will enable us to modernise the existing structures and systems by choosing materials that are environmentally friendly and layouts that improve the quality of life of the staff who work there
  • History | SPIE

    Despite two world wars and multiple industrial upheavals, his ambition remains intact: to improve quality of life through innovative technical services. The post- War reconstruction of Europe reaffirms this vocation
  • SPIE renews its contract with Daher for a further five years and deploys predictive maintenance and artificial intelligence solutions | SPIE

    The solution conceived for Daher was developed on the basis of best practices identified within the various subsidiaries with a view to improving collective performance, simplifying the passing on of expertise and improving the quality of goods and services delivered to customers. "The Industrie division of SPIE Industrie & Tertiaire has been working with us since 2005; it was only natural that we should reaffirm our confidence in the division in 2020 with the signing of a new maintenance contract
  • Social | SPIE

    Improving the well being of our employees at work also means improving the quality of service we provide to our customers. SPIE therefore aims to ensure optimal working conditions for its employees
  • SPIE positions itself on the ICT market in Belgium with the creation of its ICS division | SPIE

    Our platform literally makes technical data speak, enabling us to improve the quality of our services as well as those of our customers. This creates more added value for the customers of SPIE Belgium
  • SPIE supports Orléans Métropole in the deployment of its electric bus fleet | SPIE

    This is essential for us, given our major investments aimed at improving the quality of service provided to residents through more modern, reliable and environmentally friendly buses, "says Jean Philippe Vieilledent of the Orleans Métropole mobility department. This work carried out for Orléans Métropole illustrates SPIE CityNetworks ' desire to support local authorities engaged in digital transformation and energy transition
  • Values & ethics | SPIE

    The we have set ourselves to reduce our environmental footprint and improve the quality of life at work by 2025. Ethical approach: a rigorous code of ethics and a whistleblowing procedure
  • SPIE Belgium aims to roll out BIM across all its divisions | SPIE

    The great advantage of this way of working is to increase the efficiency of the employees and significantly improve the quality of the work done: thanks to the BIM and its 3D models, some welding can be done directly in the workshop and therefore, under optimal conditions, outside the usual hazards of a site (such as variations in temperature, humidity, etc.), without forgetting greater safety for employees