Improve the quality of life

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  • SPIE takes over the renovation of the municipal offices in Albi | SPIE

    Now more than ever, our role is to modernise buildings to make them efficient and smart, and improve quality of life for their occupants, "explains Matthieu Boutonnet, Department Head within SPIE's Tertiaire division... This project aims to achieve a final reduction of primary energy consumption of 56 %. It will enable us to modernise the existing structures and systems by choosing materials that are environmentally friendly and layouts that improve the quality of life of the staff who work there
  • History | SPIE

    Despite two world wars and multiple industrial upheavals, his ambition remains intact: to improve quality of life through innovative technical services. The post- War reconstruction of Europe reaffirms this vocation
  • Values & ethics | SPIE

    The we have set ourselves to reduce our environmental footprint and improve the quality of life at work by 2025. Ethical approach: a rigorous code of ethics and a whistleblowing procedure
  • Data at the heart of Smart City | SPIE

    From the network infrastructure that provides the backbone of a smart city to end-use applications, SPIE is helping to future-proof urban areas and improve the quality of life of residents. Carole Bonnafous and Jacco Saaman Smart Data & IoT Director at SPIE ICS and Business Development & Innovations Director at SPIE Nederland
  • SPIE France launches its new employer branding campaign | SPIE

    With a very wide range of technical and scientific career paths accessible to people with all levels of qualifications, SPIE France's subsidiaries bring together men and women driven by the same energy: preparing for the future of energy, creating shared value through digital technology and accelerating eco-responsible initiatives to improve the quality of life of customers and their staff members
  • Sustainable development and urban mobility: SPIE helps to modernise the Lescure bus depot in Bordeaux | SPIE

    This is a long-awaited project which is expected to improve substantially the quality of life of the residents of Bordeaux and its environs. For SPIE, the contract involves renovating the electrics and installing charging stations for the buses