Improve safety

  • SPIE rolls out a new technique at Penly nuclear power station in Seine-Maritime | SPIE

    Cergy, 25 january 2022 -SPIE Nucléaire, a French subsidiary of the SPIE group, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, has been given the green light to roll out its new technique that will improve safety at Penly nuclear power station
  • Cross interview on safety at work | SPIE

    This new procedure was well received by the teams because they see it as improving their safety... We'll keep working to improve safety in 2022. For instance, we are going to ask the many employees who handle heavy loads, like with overhead cranes, to get
  • SPIE is using IoT and Facilities Management to improve air quality | SPIE

    The data sent in by these sensors is then retrieved, analysed and interpreted by SPIE Facilities teams as part of a series of concrete actions aimed at improving the safety of the client's working environment. Various physical or remote actions are possible which can clean the air quickly and effectively
  • SPIE is integrating artificial intelligence into urban video surveillance systems | SPIE

    Driven by strong local government desire to improve the safety of citizens in urban areas, the number of towns and cities equipped with video surveillance cameras has multiplied over the last few years. This increasing demand has led to changes in the types of services provided to local government and the experts at SPIE CityNetworks have been able to deliver on this
  • United Kingdom: SPIE embarks on its future fleet strategy with 60 EVs | SPIE

    Moreover, the vehicles will be fitted with a range of technology features to improve the safety, performance and ease of use of the vehicles. These features include autonomous braking, driver and passenger airbags, vehicle telemetry, 60 Mph speed limiter, front and rear facing safety camera technology plus parking assistance sensors and cameras
  • 2014 Results - Another year of strong performance | SPIE

    In the United Kingdom, SPIE designed and installed a new LED lighting system for the Meir tunnel which will cut maintenance costs by 80 % while improving safety for motorists. Acquisitions
  • Germany: SPIE creates SPIE Information & Communications Services GmbH | SPIE

    Key technologies provide new opportunities to enhance the efficiency of buildings and facilities, improve user safety and comfort and help reduce the carbon footprint. "We will continue to expand on the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, data centres, physical security information management (PSIM), cloud software-as-a-service (SaaS), and cybersecurity as technology issues that complement our traditional business and drive additional organic growth
  • Digital technology and the energy transition: two significant challenges facing our industry | SPIE

    The goal: to provide practical, ergonomic, and small-footprint solution, with the aim of improving employee safety and negating the need for heavier safety devices. This new palletiser is suitable for a restricted industrial environment
  • Industry services | SPIE

    Prioritising the security and safety of installations. Ensuring equipment compliance, building and infrastructure safety, securing industrial processes, cybersecurity... our safety approach is based on excellence practices and a strong risk control culture, with certifications including ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001
  • Industry | SPIE

    Having a unified view of the building's equipment and facilities helps improve their performance, operation, safety and comfort. Augmented reality