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Improve safety

  • Belgium: SPIE helps for carrying offshore wind energy onto land | SPIE

    Our staff members continually undergo training to further improve their safety skills and safety is deeply embedded in SPIE Belgium's DNA. Maarten Lozie can quite rightly feel proud of SPIE's contribution to the Stevin programme
  • 2019 SPIE Safety Day: "Everyone has a role to play!" | SPIE

    Operational and support staff were able to meet and exchange views on their roles as individuals in improving safety and preventing accidents. Every single employee, regardless of their area of activity or level of seniority, has the right and the duty to contribute to making SPIE an even safer workplace, explains Jérôme Lesne, Sustainable Development Director at SPIE
  • Sustainable mobility | SPIE

    The Group provides smart solutions for improving transport safety and flow, while reducing its environmental impact. Optimising traffic management and safety
  • Performance improvement solutions | SPIE

    With business experience recognised throughout Europe, SPIE works every day to help companies improve their performance... In its efforts to improve industrial efficiency and optimise maintenance, SPIE works to streamline organisations, reduce costs and preserve the environment... SPIE provides its customers with qualified personnel by offering comprehensive training programmes in technical skills, theoretical knowledge and the safety of personnel and installations
  • SPIE joins European collaboration program on innovation in processing industry | SPIE

    By using robots and automated processes, maintenance in the processing industry can be greatly improved in the areas of safety, quality and efficiency. This project is a uniting demand from the industry with the supply of a multitude of knowledge and skills from companies and knowledge institutions in the field of robotics
  • SPIE is selected by UK Power Networks to help deliver its latest investment in electricity infrastructure | SPIE

    They are as committed as we are to improve the performance of our electricity network and have the added capability to provide the necessary resources we expect for storm cover... Our team is looking forward to fulfilling their role to the quality and safety standards expected within this contract and sharing their expertise and experience with UK Power Networks ' other providers
  • SPIE Belgium aims to roll out BIM across all its divisions | SPIE

    The great advantage of this way of working is to increase the efficiency of the employees and significantly improve the quality of the work done: thanks to the BIM and its 3D models, some welding can be done directly in the workshop and therefore, under optimal conditions, outside the usual hazards of a site (such as variations in temperature, humidity, etc.), without forgetting greater safety for employees
  • SPIE suppliers rewarded for their creativity | SPIE

    Breakthrough Innovation, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Safety and Supply Chain... With the Supplier Innovation Challenge, SPIE aims to identify innovation among its suppliers with a view to applying such innovation to its projects to improve its own performance
  • SPIE develops innovative facility management processes at the ARENA2036 Research Factory | SPIE

    Using a variety of technological methods such as laser scanning and 3D models, these virtual images of existing buildings and processes are created to improve their operations and maintenance. Digital building twins are therefore intended to improve decision-making. They allow, for example, to provide remote diagnosis with the help of real-time data and make sure safety conditions are met
  • SPIE launches SMART FM 360°, its new unified digital platform for its Technical Facility Management business line | SPIE

    The platform is designed to make life easier for users and technicians, enhance occupant comfort and personal and property safety, and optimise the energy performance of installations by prioritising their effective operation... -For users, SMART FM 360 ° enhances their experience by providing support options and improving their overall comfort