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Improve quality

  • SPIE Belgium aims to roll out BIM across all its divisions | SPIE

    The great advantage of this way of working is to increase the efficiency of the employees and significantly improve the quality of the work done: thanks to the BIM and its 3D models, some welding can be done directly in the workshop and therefore, under optimal conditions, outside the usual hazards of a site (such as variations in temperature, humidity, etc.), without forgetting greater safety for employees
  • SPIE positions itself on the ICT market in Belgium with the creation of its ICS division | SPIE

    Our platform literally makes technical data speak, enabling us to improve the quality of our services as well as those of our customers. This creates more added value for the customers of SPIE Belgium
  • SPIE is hiring! | SPIE

    This work directly improves the quality of people's everyday lives. A resilient group that forms lasting relationships
  • INNOVATION: SPIE, Communithings and Orange, urban mobility partners | SPIE

    Making city parking smoother, improving air quality and fostering local business at the same time. What else could you ask for?
  • INNOVATION: SPIE is improving traffic flow in Mons, in partnership with the start-up company Communithings | SPIE

    We are both hoping that this scheme will not only ease congestion in the city, but also improve air quality as vehicles will be running for less time. The initiative has been very well received, and it goes without saying that we now want to introduce it into other town and city centres, in order to boost local trade
  • SPIE is selected by UK Power Networks to help deliver its latest investment in electricity infrastructure | SPIE

    They are as committed as we are to improve the performance of our electricity network and have the added capability to provide the necessary resources we expect for storm cover. We see SPIE as being able to add value in providing a quality electrical infrastructure for our customers... Our team is looking forward to fulfilling their role to the quality and safety standards expected within this contract and sharing their expertise and experience with UK Power Networks ' other providers
  • SPIE Awarded Contract for Heathrow Terminal 5 Central Battery Systems Upgrade | SPIE

    This contract win was a result of SPIE UK's high quality work and considerable experience in delivering contracts across the Heathrow Campus. In September 2017, SPIE UK was awarded a building services contract to deliver upgrades at Heathrow Airport's, Terminal 3 Integrated Baggage Building (T3IB). The new improved facility means the baggage screening operations from Terminals 1 2 3 and 4 can be integrated into one central space
  • SPIE joins European collaboration program on innovation in processing industry | SPIE

    By using robots and automated processes, maintenance in the processing industry can be greatly improved in the areas of safety, quality and efficiency. This project is a uniting demand from the industry with the supply of a multitude of knowledge and skills from companies and knowledge institutions in the field of robotics
  • Belgium: SPIE selected as 'Top Employer' for the eleventh time | SPIE

    This accreditation is bestowed on companies that offer a top-notch working environment, promote skills development at all levels, and have an ongoing commitment to improving their HR practices... This accreditation is a welcome acknowledgement of the measures we have implemented over the year as a whole, as we seek to create a working environment for our employees that is at once modern and of high quality, thereby achieving digitalisation of the company with a human approach
  • Gustave Roussy commissions SPIE to operate its IT support system | SPIE

    By working together with SPIE ICS to optimise our support functions, we aim to achieve a number of ambitious objectives: to improve the performance of the IT support system and the quality of the service provided to the professional community within the institution and to successfully overhaul the monitoring tool, while also keeping the operating costs of the service under control