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Improve quality of life

  • INNOVATION: SPIE, Communithings and Orange, urban mobility partners | SPIE

    For this project, SPIE Belgium was tasked with installing the sensors, each equipped with a battery with 5 7 years ' life, to detect the presence of a vehicle in the parking space and transmit data to a central system... Making city parking smoother, improving air quality and fostering local business at the same time
  • At SPIE, it's every day March 8th! | SPIE

    Around twenty women from all subsidiaries, with varied profiles and backgrounds- from the Business Engineer to the Director of Quality Health Safety and Environment (QHSE) as well as the HVAC and electrical maintenance technician for automated system- have also agreed to express their opinion about SPIE's commitment to women and describe their daily work
  • SPIE is hiring! | SPIE

    This work directly improves the quality of people's everyday lives. A resilient group that forms lasting relationships