Improve efficiency

  • Jean-Jacques Bucher appointed Strategy and Business Development Director at SPIE France | SPIE

    We support our clients for value creation and to improve their efficiency. Contacts
  • SPIE renews the Altheim transformer station on behalf of TenneT | SPIE

    The existing transformer station had to be retrofitted to improve its efficiency and meet the requirements for the upcoming North-South power transmission line. SPIE modernized the transformer station during ongoing operations to ensure an uninterrupted power supply and to avoid affecting households and companies connected to the power network
  • The 2020 European Conference on Energy Transition: feedback and diversity in the SPIE programme | SPIE

    The objective for Bordeaux Métropole is to gain a better understanding of their use in order to improve efficiency and optimise costs. In time, adapting the amount of public lighting to the frequency with which passengers pass through an area will contribute towards energy savings, for example
  • Offices | SPIE

    As offices become smarter, they can drastically improve efficiency, workplace wellness and energy performance. Combining flexibility, simplicity of management and comfort
  • Energy efficiency | SPIE

    Improving building energy efficiency... Improved energy efficiency: energy audits, an energy efficiency monitoring system, design of systems for improving energy efficiency and implementation of regulations
  • SPIE supports the initiative European Alliance for a Green Recovery | SPIE

    This will bring SPIE's greenhouse gas annual emissions down below 100 000 tons, compared to 133 000 tons in 2019. The reduction will be achieved by electrifying more than a third of our vehicle fleet and by further improving the energy efficiency of our buildings... The Group's contribution revolves around three pillars of the energy transition: improving energy efficiency, supporting the shift of the energy mix and promoting sustainable mobility
  • SPIE Innovathon 2021: three prizes for the industry of tomorrow | SPIE

    Three particularly innovative projects on improving energy efficiency and digital transformation in industries emerged. Three days to anticipate the industrial challenges of tomorrow
  • Saint-Gobain extends contract with SPIE ahead of schedule | SPIE

    -Together, SPIE and Saint-Gobain aim to improve their energy efficiency and increase their annual savings. Ratingen, 17 April 2019 -SPIE, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, and the automotive glazing leader Saint Gobain Sekurit have renewed their contract
  • Martijn de Ruijter, solutions-oriented optimist | SPIE

    "It's a big adventure, "beams Martijn as he explains the various ways SPIE can help commercial landlords to improve the energy efficiency of their office buildings. His enthusiasm is contagious- and he's a convincing salesman with a grasp of facts and figures
  • Environment | SPIE

    SPIE has committed to reducing its direct emissions (scopes 1 and 2) by 25 % between the reference year 2019 and 2025. To achieve this, SPIE is converting its vehicle fleet to electric and improving the energy efficiency of its property assets. SPIE is also involving its suppliers in its approach to reducing the carbon footprint of its activities