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Heating network

  • SPIE and Lufthansa Technik work hand in hand | SPIE

    From power generation and supply, to heating and fire protection- -everything comes from a single source thanks to multi-technical service provider SPIE... Heating and ventilation are also maintained by 160 experts... Energy and media supply also has a high-quality 110 KV network
  • SPIE Industrie & Tertiaire - Tertiaire division | SPIE

    Through its network of 110 local sites, the national structure of the division enables it to draw on its wealth of expertise to better meet the needs and expectations of its clients... Communication / networks... Heating, ventilation, direct expansion air conditioning
  • SPIE awarded energy renovation works at Luchon's thermal spa complex | SPIE

    The contract for upgrading the entire heating and air-conditioning plant at the largest thermal spa complex in the Pyrenees was awarded by the Ville de Luchon and signed in September 2015... SPIE Sud Ouest replaced two gas heating systems (1 950 kW and 1 200 kW). With a view to saving energy, one of them was coupled to two heat exchangers recycling the heat from two thermal water boreholes (up to 1 280 kW and 500 kW, respectively)
  • ITER awards SPIE the maintenance contract for its buildings and infrastructure for the next four years | SPIE

    The contract relates to: centralised technical management of the buildings ' automated systems, electrical installations, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, fluid networks, lifts, overhead cranes or handling equipment, equipment related to the structure of the buildings (woodwork, fire prevention means, etc.) and fire safety