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Global energy

  • Combining multiple energies | SPIE

    It contributes to the global energy transition by using its expertise to promote a balanced and sustainable energy mix... With extensive experience in nuclear and renewable energies as well as hydrocarbons, SPIE offers technology and expertise that place it at the forefront of the global energy transition
  • Gus and Marie explain the green economy - The energy mix - 2nd episode of SPIE Group's series of educational animated films | SPIE

    This latest episode in the saga entitled" Let's go to the future" first describes the context of global energy consumption, the various sources of energy currently used and their consequences for worldwide carbon emissions. The heroes of the series, Gus and Marie, then explain the concept of" energy mix", i.e. the growing use of less carbon-intensive forms of energy such as nuclear power, photovoltaics or biomass, alongside fossil fuels