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Generate savings

  • SPIE reduces energy costs at Muldentalkliniken hospitals | SPIE

    SPIE reduces energy costs at Muldentalkliniken hospitals SPIE, the independent European leader in multi technical services in the areas of energy and communications, delivers energy savings at Muldentalkliniken hospitals in Grimma and Wurzen. Muldentalkliniken GmbH commissioned SPIE to plan, install and operate two combined heat and power plants and absorption chillers. In the framework of energy performance contracting, the multi-technical service provider financed the initial investment
  • SRH Klinikum in Suhl extends its contract with SPIE | SPIE

    The German Energy Agency (dena) awarded the Best Practice in Energy Efficiency label to the SRH Klinikum in 2014 for energy savings... Significant cost savings... SPIE installed this cogeneration unit in 2012 on the basis of an energy-savings contract model with a savings guarantee for the SRH Klinikum
  • Belgium: SPIE is contributing to the development of renewable energy | SPIE

    We installed 9 adiabatic coolers* at the plant, which generate a total power of 9 MW. The coolers are coupled to a network of pipes, manifolds and pumping installations connected to ORC* modules that generate electricity. We opted to fit the coolers with adiabatic precoolers, which provide considerable energy savings in the process
  • SPIE customer scheme wins award | SPIE

    The building technology here was modernised, saving energy and lowering costs... In the summer, a maximum of 500 kW of cooling production is generated from excess cogeneration unit heating... The expert jury assessed a total of 116 applications according to the criteria of energy saving, climate protection relevance, profitability, the degree of innovation and transferability to other companies
  • SPIE awarded M&E contract for new William Mcllvanney Campus, Kilmarnock, demonstrating its continued expertise in the education sector | SPIE

    The installation will also feature a daylight-linked PIR lighting control system, including absence detection in classrooms, which reflects SPIE's expertise with energy saving solutions whilst contributing to energy management on campus... The campus will generate substantial employment, growth and investment opportunities across East Ayrshire, whilst creating the infrastructure to support continuous education of young people in Kilmarnock and the surrounding areas