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Foraid Gabon

  • Maintenance - Renewed contract for Foraid Gabon | SPIE

    Maintenance- Renewed contract for Foraid Gabon. SEEG (Société d'Energie et d'Eau du Gabon) has renewed its contract with Foraid Gabon (a SPIE Oil & Gas Services subsidiary) for the maintenance of provincial generating sets in the Republic of Gabon
  • SPIE Oil & Gas Services wins a contract in Gabon | SPIE

    Perenco Gabon has awarded SPIE Oil & Gas Services, through its subsidiary Foraid Gabon, a contract to operate and maintain the pulling and snubbing units at its on shore and offshore facilities in Gabon. Perenco Gabon is Gabon's third-largest oil producer (behind Total Gabon and Shell Gabon), pumping 48 000 barrels of crude per day
  • Gabon - SPIE Oil & Gas Services wins a $1 million contract | SPIE

    TOTAL Gabon has awarded SPIE Oil & Gas Services -on behalf of its Foraid Gabon subsidiary- a $1 million well services contract to supply well completion and liner hanger) (*equipment, and use it in oil wells. The project is to be implemented between February and December 2007. This project not only requires special-purpose equipment, to be provided by our US partner TIW, but also SPIE Oil & Gas Services personnel with specialist expertise in well services contracts, who will be responsible for preparing and deploying the equipment in oil well shafts
  • Gabon - SPIE Oil & Gas Services wins a well services contract | SPIE

    Total Gabon has awarded Foraid Gabon (local subsidiary of SPIE Oil & Gas Services) a well services contract for the supply and implementation of liner hanger equipment) (*. This contract includes. 10 complete assemblies for the Anguille field