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Expertise in engineering

  • SPIE at the heart of the first large-scale digital plan for secondary schools in Sarthe | SPIE

    Thanks to its expertise in engineering, facilities management and change management, SPIE ICS has been involved in the project for the past two years and in that time has completely transformed 22 schools. By 2020, every pupil and teacher at Sarthe's 57 state secondary schools will benefit from a high-performance, digital learning environment
  • SPIE Nucléaire acquires ATMN and strengthens its position in mechanical maintenance and industrial cleaning | SPIE

    It has considerable expertise in mechanical engineering, especially in the fields of boilermaking and valves and in chemical and high-pressure cleaning operations. SPIE Nucléaire CEO Francis Butel points out that this acquisition provides an outstanding opportunity to boost his company's development
  • GPN entrusts a training mission to experts from SPIE Oil & Gas Services | SPIE

    On the strength of its expertise in training engineering, SPIE Oil & Gas Services has signed an all-inclusive contract. This mission will be conducted between February and December 2009
  • Energy transport | SPIE

    SPIE also uses its expertise in electrical engineering and HVAC services to improve energy efficiency at customer facilities. In 2011, SPIE won a contract to build two boilers (wood and natural gas) connected to a heating network in Graulhet (Tarn, France)
  • SPIE Industrie & Tertiaire - division Tertiaire | SPIE

    The division Tertiaire of SPIE Industrie & Tertiaire, a subsidiary of SPIE France, provides multi-technical solutions dedicated to buildings and covers all areas of climate engineering expertise in France... Specific expertise in climate engineering applied to the industrial sector
  • Factory of the future: SPIE Sud-Ouest revolutionises industrial maintenance with augmented reality | SPIE

    "Thanks to our expertise in maintenance engineering, we are able to provide our customers with this outstanding, innovative solution which offers considerable time savings and greatly enhances equipment traceability. This technology, which is now included in SPIE Sud-Ouest's industrial maintenance offering, could be rolled out for all its business lines
  • Industry - SPIE Est consolidates its expertise in the steelmaking industry | SPIE

    Industry- SPIE Est consolidates its expertise in the steelmaking industry. Ascometal, a supplier of special steels for the automotive and mechanical engineering industries, has launched a plan to modernise its rolling mill in Hagondange, Moselle... These services are worth a total of 940 000. At the same time, Danieli, a company specialising in mechanical engineering and a supplier to Ascometal, has entrusted SPIE Est with electrical work for the rolling mill