Environmental responsibility

  • "Sustainable mobility": See You Sun and SPIE innovate with a solution combining solar energy and electric mobility | SPIE

    This system also enables businesses and local authorities to develop an approach to social and environmental responsibility, combining decentralised renewable energy sources with electric mobility. The solution offered incorporates the full range of services dedicated to drivers of electric vehicles
  • Christophe Bernhart appointed Managing Director of SPIE Oil & Gas Services | SPIE

    In his new position, Christophe Bernhart will pursue the subsidiary's strategy and the objectives set for 2020: diversification of services, special monitoring of the development of bio-fuels, renewable and/or zero-carbon energies in the areas where SPIE Oil & Gas Services operates (Africa, the Middle East and Asia) and increasing the proportion of work on gas facilities in a spirit of environmental responsibility
  • SPIE sets up a new 400 kV line in Poland | SPIE

    Prior to the installation phase through the ecologically significant area, SPIE conducted a comprehensive environmental impact assessment and public consultation in the municipalities concerned... The Group assumes responsibility for legal permissions and planning, such as obtaining all the required construction permits in 15 municipalities