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Environmental performance

  • SPIE selected by Befimmo to renovate the "Brederode Corner" building | SPIE

    This reference system is the most widely used to evaluate the environmental performance of office buildings... To overcome this challenge, SPIE works alongside its clients and deploys its teams on all technical aspects, including environmental performance and data management, she explains
  • Hospital Klinikum am Bruderwald: SPIE's "energy efficiency" innovations honoured | SPIE

    Better environmental performance... In addition, we made a sustainable contribution to protecting the climate and improving the hospital's environmental performance at the same time
  • SPIE takes part in development of the service sector hub for the Viotte eco-district in Besançon | SPIE

    The eco-district project is, in fact, part of a green economy approach, ensuring the best energy and environmental performance. Around 30 people from SPIE Est's Climate Engineering and Service Industry Operations Directions will be deployed on these operations for a period of 24 months, due to start in April 2018. We are pleased to be contributing to a large-scale project for Besançon
  • SPIE helps build Crédit Agricole's new regional head office in Le Mans | SPIE

    For Crédit Agricole Anjou Maine, this new head office in Le Mans ' University district is a chance to embrace the latest energy saving technology and design a building that meets French HQE (High Environmental Quality) standard... High Environmental Quality: an exemplary eco-building... This form of heat pump technology includes an energy recovery system and can produce hot and cold water simultaneously, in line with the latest environmental requirements
  • 2016 full-year results - Another year of strong delivery of the SPIE model | SPIE

    Robust financial performance... In Switzerland, 2016 performance was impacted by the restructuring process initiated in 2015, with double-digit declines in both revenue and EBITA... 2016 bolt-on acquisitions were primarily focused on the North Western Europe and Germany & Central Europe segments, where SPIE further increased its network density (e.g. Trios Group in the UK, Alewijnse in the Netherlands), strengthened its ICT capabilities (Comnet and GfT in Germany), reinforced its position in certain markets (e.g. the Dutch retail installation market with Aaftink, the UK food, beverage and pharmaceutical markets with Environmental Engineering), and expanded the range of its services (e.g. fire protection and security in Central Europe with Agis)
  • International Paris Air Show | SPIE

    SPIE supports its clients in the aviation and space industry at every stage of the value chain, improving the reliability, flexibility and performance of their production equipment and utilities. We focus consciously on the industry of the future, helping you meet your needs in relation to optimizing energy use, digitizing processes and maintenance, the internet of things and reducing environmental impacts
  • Corporate social responsibility: SPIE placed in the top 1% of the 2017 EcoVadis ratings | SPIE

    While SPIE's performance from an environmental perspective remains excellent in 2017, the recent ranking has in particular highlighted the substantial efforts made to increase the Group's commitment to social matters. The health and safety of staff, working conditions, social dialogue, career management, training and anti- discrimination are all criteria that are taken into account in the assessment
  • SPIE suppliers rewarded for their creativity | SPIE

    With the Supplier Innovation Challenge, SPIE aims to identify innovation among its suppliers with a view to applying such innovation to its projects to improve its own performance... 30 000 paper cups made from agricultural waste by Paperwise, a winner at the 2016 event in the's environmental impact ' category, have been distributed within SPIE Belgium
  • SPIE Facilities and SPIE CityNetworks: Two new French subsidiaries serving the Group's strategy | SPIE

    It offers its clients in the residential / tertiary and industrial sectors (property assets) solutions to the latest technological, energy and environmental issues. Its mission will be to offer and deploy services to improve buildings ' energy performance and occupants ' comfort in this fast growing market
  • Expert opinion - Smart buildings: a rapidly evolving ecosystem | SPIE

    For example, 3D modelling enables us to integrate the new management of spaces and to optimise the energy performance of the building... Older buildings are by means excluded from these changes: the Internet of Things enables attractive performance levels to be achieved, even with equipment that has already been in operation for several years!