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Environmental management

  • 2016 full-year results - Another year of strong delivery of the SPIE model | SPIE

    Cash Flow from Operations was excellent, at Euro430 million, with cash conversion at an outstanding 122 %, reflecting quality of earnings, and sustained progress in the implementation of SPIE's rigorous working capital management processes across our most recent geographies... SPIE CityNetworks regroups our Infrastructure and Telecom services activities and SPIE Facilities our Technical Facility Management activities
  • Hospital Klinikum am Bruderwald: SPIE's "energy efficiency" innovations honoured | SPIE

    A new energy management system also helps technicians on site to continuously monitor energy consumption and further improve energy efficiency with quick adjustments... Better environmental performance... In addition, we made a sustainable contribution to protecting the climate and improving the hospital's environmental performance at the same time
  • Sustainable mobility | SPIE

    The Group provides smart solutions for improving transport safety and flow, while reducing its environmental impact. Optimising traffic management and safety... Improving traffic management
  • SPIE selected by Befimmo to renovate the "Brederode Corner" building | SPIE

    To overcome this challenge, SPIE works alongside its clients and deploys its teams on all technical aspects, including environmental performance and data management, she explains. contactS
  • Belgium: SPIE announces the second edition of its Suppliers Innovation Challenge in December 2018 | SPIE

    The big winner in the 2016 edition (' environmental impact ' category), Paperwise, which gives agricultural waste a second life for the production of paper and cardboard, created no less than 30 000 branded paper cups that SPIE employees can personalise by adding their name. As for the Orsy storage system proposed by Würth, also a winner in the previous edition in the's economic impact ' category, perfectly meets the needs of the SPIE warehouses, enabling optimum management and immediate visualisation of stock
  • Expert opinion - Smart buildings: a rapidly evolving ecosystem | SPIE

    As well as enabling more refined management of all of the technical parameters of the buildings, this platform also involves staff members in managing their own comfort levels and makes everyone aware of the environmental impact of their activities. The aim of this platform is to offer our customers, and in turn their customers, new services linked to their interaction with the building (environmental impact, thermal and acoustic comfort, etc.) and new solutions to ensure the comfort and well being of the occupants of the building