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Environmental impact

  • SPIE sets up a new 400 kV line in Poland. | SPIE

    Prior to the installation phase through the ecologically significant area, SPIE conducted a comprehensive environmental impact assessment and public consultation in the municipalities concerned... In addition to the two-year environmental impact assessment and the compilation of a comprehensive environmental impact report, we have collaborated closely with environmental organisations and regional environmental protection authorities
  • International Paris Air Show | SPIE

    We focus consciously on the industry of the future, helping you meet your needs in relation to optimizing energy use, digitizing processes and maintenance, the internet of things and reducing environmental impacts. SPIE provides a full palette of engineering and maintenance services on your doorstep, from design and construction to ongoing maintenance
  • Sustainable inSPIErations | SPIE

    Within the company, SPIE works to reduce the environmental impact of its daily activities. Applying SPIE values through commitments
  • Sustainable mobility | SPIE

    The Group provides smart solutions for improving transport safety and flow, while reducing its environmental impact. Optimising traffic management and safety
  • SPIE suppliers rewarded for their creativity | SPIE

    30 000 paper cups made from agricultural waste by Paperwise, a winner at the 2016 event in the's environmental impact ' category, have been distributed within SPIE Belgium. The Orsy storage system proposed by Würth, likewise a winner in 2016 in the's economic impact ' category, has been deployed to ensure optimal control and immediate oversight of inventory
  • Belgium: SPIE announces the second edition of its Suppliers Innovation Challenge in December 2018 | SPIE

    The big winner in the 2016 edition (' environmental impact ' category), Paperwise, which gives agricultural waste a second life for the production of paper and cardboard, created no less than 30 000 branded paper cups that SPIE employees can personalise by adding their name. As for the Orsy storage system proposed by Würth, also a winner in the previous edition in the's economic impact ' category, perfectly meets the needs of the SPIE warehouses, enabling optimum management and immediate visualisation of stock
  • Belgium: SPIE helps for carrying offshore wind energy onto land | SPIE

    To limit the environmental impact, the decision was taken to recycle waste as much as possible. We recycled no less than 140 tonnes of wood from packaging, adds Maarten Lozie
  • Expert opinion - Smart buildings: a rapidly evolving ecosystem | SPIE

    As well as enabling more refined management of all of the technical parameters of the buildings, this platform also involves staff members in managing their own comfort levels and makes everyone aware of the environmental impact of their activities. The aim of this platform is to offer our customers, and in turn their customers, new services linked to their interaction with the building (environmental impact, thermal and acoustic comfort, etc.) and new solutions to ensure the comfort and well being of the occupants of the building
  • 2016 full-year results - Another year of strong delivery of the SPIE model | SPIE

    -1 2 % foreign exchange impact, mainly due to the weakening of the GBP, and- a 4 7 % organic contraction, while acquisitions accounted for + 3 6 %. The organic contraction was primarily due to Oil & Gas. Excluding Oil & Gas, overall revenue increased by + 2 3 % in 2016, with a limited- 0 7 % organic decrease
  • SPIE assists in the redevelopment of the Allier's banks | SPIE

    Meaningful dialogue with the local communities and the environmental coordinator from the design phase helped to increase awareness concerning the impact of the work and the environmental issues. This enabled SPIE CityNetworks to evaluate any disturbances that its work could cause in order to put forward suitable workarounds: selecting natural materials such as wood for the light poles and LED lights which are configured to select an optimal amount of lighting