Environmental challenges

  • SPIE sets up a new 400 kV line in Poland | SPIE

    EN. Main menu. About us. SPIE is the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications .. Our 48 000 employees are committed to achieving the energy transition and digital transformation alongside our customers .. Who we are. Our history. Strategy
  • Transforming Breda into a smart city and a great place to live | SPIE

    With mass urbanisation spreading across the globe, cities are at the epicentre of today's societal and environmental challenges... Digital innovation is essential to meet the societal and environmental challenges facing a city like ours
  • SPIE Develops Unique Engineering Solution for the Shell Centre; Protecting the River Thames Aquatic life | SPIE

    The main challenge was to invent a new engineering arrangement for the use of high volumes of river water for specialised vessels and river filtration arrangements whilst protecting the aquatic life in the River Thames, principally the eels, which are an internationally protected species... All solutions had to be inspected by the UK Environmental Agency, which confirmed its agreement to SPIE's distinctive solution
  • SPIE 2022 Investor Day: Focus on medium-term perspectives | SPIE

    SPIE is exceptionally well-positioned to capture these opportunities as two thirds of its revenue have a positive net environmental contribution... In a context of energy independence challenges, rising costs of energy combined with decarbonation of the economy there is a strong momentum in Energy Transition and Digital transformation
  • TLG IMMOBILIEN AG extends its partnership with SPIE at the astropark | SPIE

    Much has changed over this period and I am very pleased that we at SPIE have always found a solution to all technical challenges to the satisfaction of the owner and the tenants, and will continue to do so in futur e, "says Mustafa Aybasti, the SPIE project manager. astropark features state-of-the-art building engineering
  • Environment | SPIE

    As a leading player in the green economy, SPIE pursues an ambitious environmental policy to help combat climate change... An environmental policy based on the transition to a low-carbon economy. The environmental aspect of SPIE's CSR policy focuses on the transition to a low-carbon economy... Since 2010, SPIE has supported The Shift Project, a think tank that sheds light and stimulates debate on the challenges and trade-offs of a low-carbon economy