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Engineering schools

  • Cédric Périer appointed Managing Director of SPIE ICS | SPIE

    Cédric Périer is 43 years old and a graduate of the Engineering School of Information & Digital Technologies (Ecole Française d' Electronique et d' Informatique. E.F.R.E.I). He joined SPIE ICS in 1999 and was made ' Large Enterprises Mediterranean ' division manager in 2007, before being appointed director for the Nord-Est division (2012) and most recently Director for the Grand-Est division (2014)
  • Karen Luzignant appointed to head up SPIE ICS's Grand Est business division | SPIE

    Karen Luzignant is 40 years old and a graduate of the National Institute of Applied Sciences, INSA Lyon (2001). She joined SPIE ICS as a business engineer on leaving engineering school and then pursued her career as an architect. In 2009, she was appointed as Manager of the Consultancy, Data Centre and Smart Building department and then as its departmental director in 2014. In the Grand Est business division, Karen Luzignant succeeds Cédric Périer who has been appointed Managing Director of SPIE ICS
  • SPIE and ISTIA are coming together for a challenge of a new kind: 32 hours of a giant Serious Game about the real estate of the future | SPIE

    Saint-Denis, November 21st 2017 --On 22 and 23 November 2017, SPIE Facilities, a subsidiary of the SPIE Group, the independent European leader in multi technical services in the areas of energy and communications, and ISTIA, the engineering school of the University of Angers, are issuing a challenge to engineering students specialising in Real-Estate Maintenance and Safety (MIS)
  • David Guillon appointed Managing Director of SPIE Nucléaire | SPIE

    Born in 1971 and a graduate engineer from the Polytech Nantes engineering school, David Guillon has spent his entire career in the nuclear industry. Having joined the SPIE group in 1999 as Branch Manager, he went on to hold the posts of Operations Director, Managing Director of SPIE DEN (Nuclear Decommissioning and Environment) and then Director of the Engineering Centre and Projects operation (2013). Since May 2017, David Guillon had been Deputy Director of SPIE Nucléaire
  • Cyril Pouet appointed Managing Director of SPIE Facilities | SPIE

    Cyril Pouet is 45 years old and a graduate of the Polytech Nantes engineering school. He joined SPIE Ouest Centre in 1996 as a Business Manager
  • S-Cube completes the roll-out of Icam's digital campus | SPIE

    This development represents a major milestone for the engineering school, making it the only higher education institution in France to go completely paperless... One major challenge for the engineering school is to transfer the new collaborative models of organisation now common in business (through virtualisation technology) in order to adapt them to its teaching methods and to better prepare students for the workplace market
  • SPIE at the heart of the first large-scale digital plan for secondary schools in Sarthe | SPIE

    Thanks to its expertise in engineering, facilities management and change management, SPIE ICS has been involved in the project for the past two years and in that time has completely transformed 22 schools. By 2020, every pupil and teacher at Sarthe's 57 state secondary schools will benefit from a high-performance, digital learning environment
  • SPIE's french subsidiaries rewarded for their safety policy | SPIE

    First jury prize in the Training category for SPIE France's Mobile Safety Schools. Recognised for setting up seven Mobile Safety Schools, SPIE France is really driving home its message We are all safety operators!... The training courses offered by the Mobile Safety Schools to groups of 6 employees will allow to gain an understanding of the fundamental aspects of the SPIE Health & Safety Code, to explore the major risks inherent to the subsidiaries ' activities, and to ensure the operational requirements and measures for preparing for and carrying out interventions are understood
  • Charlotte Barberet appointed External Communications and Brand Manager at SPIE | SPIE

    Aged 38 and a graduate of the Grenoble École de Management [Grenoble School of Management,] Charlotte Barberet joined the company Flexico in 2005, where she started in the role of Marketing Officer (2005 to 2010), before becoming Product Manager (2010 to 2012), and then Marketing and Communications Manager (2013 to 2015). She then joined SGD Pharma as Global Marketing and Communications Manager, working there until the beginning of 2018
  • Sandra Gottcheiner appointed Director of Building Systems of SPIE Belgium | SPIE

    Born in 1979, Sandra Gottcheiner has a degree in civil engineering (Universtié Libre de Bruxelles) and an MBA from the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management. After starting her career with Bouygues Construction in Lille (France) in 2003, she joined the Procter & Gamble group in 2005 before bolstering the CBRE (commercial real estate) team in Brussels in 2007 and joining the development department in January 2010. Sandra Gottcheiner was then the Development Director for the real estate company Kairos (BAM Group) in Anvers for 15 months and then for the property developer Immobel in Brussels from September 2014 until now