Engineering school

  • S-Cube completes the roll-out of Icam's digital campus | SPIE

    This development represents a major milestone for the engineering school, making it the only higher education institution in France to go completely paperless... One major challenge for the engineering school is to transfer the new collaborative models of organisation now common in business (through virtualisation technology) in order to adapt them to its teaching methods and to better prepare students for the workplace market
  • SPIE contributes to a research project on lift pumps | SPIE

    To address this recurring issue, SPIE Facilities has set up a research partnership with ECAM Lyon engineering school. "Our collaboration has enabled us to apply cutting-edge research work to everyday technical issues", says SPIE Facilities Managing Director, Cyril Pouet
  • Christophe Bernhart appointed Managing Director of SPIE Oil & Gas Services | SPIE

    Christophe Bernhart holds a degree in mechanical engineering from the National Engineering School of Tarbes. He began his career in 1997 at CAMOM (Bouygues Offshore) before taking up the position of Head of the Maintenance Engineering Department at Saipem