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Energy transition

  • Energy transition at the Berlin's Charité | SPIE

    Energy transition at the Berlin's Charité
  • SPIE Ile-de-France Nord-Ouest helps young people in Seine-Saint-Denis find career opportunities in the energy transition | SPIE

    SPIE Ile de France Nord Ouest helps young people in Seine-Saint-Denis find career opportunities in the energy transition
  • Combining multiple energies | SPIE

    It contributes to the global energy transition by using its expertise to promote a balanced and sustainable energy mix. Accompanying the energy transition... With extensive experience in nuclear and renewable energies as well as hydrocarbons, SPIE offers technology and expertise that place it at the forefront of the global energy transition
  • Gus and Marie explain the green economy - The energy mix - 2nd episode of SPIE Group's series of educational animated films | SPIE

    "The challenges of the energy transition mean that it is essential that as many people as possible understand notions such as ' energy mix '", said Pascal Omnès, SPIE Group Communication Manager. "SPIE Group and its clients from all sectors of the economy are committed to the green economy, and this new animated video not only brings this central theme to life but also makes it accessible to everybody
  • Mayor's Trade Fair 2014 - SPIE'S SMART CITY - Giving new meaning to the city | SPIE

    Developing intercommunicating regions Roll-out, installation and maintenance of landline and mobile networks- IT solutions and service offerings. Supporting the energy transition. SPIE's expertise at the service of a balanced, long-term energy mix[ Production, transport and distribution of renewable and fossil energies] and the development of Smart Grids
  • Back to basics: quality of working life & energy performance | SPIE

    Paris, 11 December 2019 --SPIE addressed the challenges posed by smart buildings built to aid the digital and energy transition and to boost the quality of working life at the Salon de l'Immobilier d'Entreprise (SIMI), an event for corporate real-estate operators in France... How does SPIE's range of smart building solutions take the digital and energy transition into account?
  • SPIE customer scheme wins award | SPIE

    The award is conferred for projects that advance the energy transition particularly effectively. The expert jury assessed a total of 116 applications according to the criteria of energy saving, climate protection relevance, profitability, the degree of innovation and transferability to other companies
  • Energy efficiency | SPIE

    Our expertise supporting your energy transition
  • SPIE looks to conquer new markets in Île de France Nord-Ouest | SPIE

    A focus on energy transition. Cergy, April 19th 2017 --SPIE Île de France Nord Ouest is reviewing its organisation in order to meet the new challenges represented by energy transition and digital development... With energy transition making adaptation a necessity, businesses can longer content themselves with simply meeting the technical specifications of calls for tenders
  • SPIE organises the "InSPIErations" business event | SPIE

    The interactive panel debate, moderated by Humberto Tan will focus on topical themes like improving the urban environment and facilities, optimising building performance, facilitating the energy transition and optimising and improving the sustainability of industrial processes. This plenary session will be followed by" the InSPIErations" business market: a trade fair-style presentation of SPIE's latest innovations and solutions