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Energy savings

  • Saving energy and cutting costs | SPIE

    Saving energy and cutting costs
  • SPIE unveils an electric crane truck by putting up the Christmas lights in Strasbourg | SPIE

    06/12/2017. Press release. SPIE unveils an electric crane truck by putting up the Christmas lights in Strasbourg. Saint-Denis, December 6th 2017 --SPIE CityNetworks reached yet another milestone last week, when it unveiled a new truck equipped with an electric crane .. This innovative, silent and
  • Belgium: SPIE is contributing to the development of renewable energy | SPIE

    We opted to fit the coolers with adiabatic precoolers, which provide considerable energy savings in the process. Other departments of SPIE Belgium are also involved in the works: for example, Industry Grobbendonk carried out the electrical coupling of the ORC modules and BS Geel HVAC will be involved in the subsequent geographical expansion of the heat network
  • SRH Klinikum in Suhl extends its contract with SPIE | SPIE

    The German Energy Agency (dena) awarded the Best Practice in Energy Efficiency label to the SRH Klinikum in 2014 for energy savings. The non- profit institution has more than 600 beds and is a major regional hospital as well as a teaching hospital of the Universitätsklinikum in Jena
  • SPIE awarded "CHP Plant of the Year 2018" | SPIE

    The CHP plant, which supplies the hospital with cold, heat, electricity and steam, was planned and implemented by SPIE and Stadtwerke Bamberg in the form of an Energy Savings Performance contract in collaboration with the Sozialstiftung Bamberg (Bamberg Social Foundation) responsible for the hospital
  • SPIE reduces energy costs at Muldentalkliniken hospitals | SPIE

    SPIE reduces energy costs at Muldentalkliniken hospitals SPIE, the independent European leader in multi technical services in the areas of energy and communications, delivers energy savings at Muldentalkliniken hospitals in Grimma and Wurzen. Muldentalkliniken GmbH commissioned SPIE to plan, install and operate two combined heat and power plants and absorption chillers. In the framework of energy performance contracting, the multi-technical service provider financed the initial investment
  • SPIE Completes £6.4m Refurbishment Contract for Sidney Webb House | SPIE

    Due to the time frame, SPIE developed a complete single source solution for fast track fit-out that included innovative energy saving and engineering solutions... In order to incorporate the new energy saving air source heat pumps required, a challenge arose around lack of plant room space in the building
  • Bordeaux Métropole chooses SPIE for its smart digital territory pilot scheme | SPIE

    Adapting public lighting to the level of brightness and frequency of use is also a source of energy savings. Charging points, access control and public lighting will be optimised, thereby reflecting current use as measured by the sensors
  • SPIE helps build Crédit Agricole's new regional head office in Le Mans | SPIE

    For Crédit Agricole Anjou Maine, this new head office in Le Mans ' University district is a chance to embrace the latest energy saving technology and design a building that meets French HQE (High Environmental Quality) standard. With over 10 000 m2 of space, the new building will house four floors of offices, a local branch of the bank and a conference hall, as well as a restaurant which will be open to staff from other companies
  • SPIE awarded M&E contract for new William Mcllvanney Campus, Kilmarnock, demonstrating its continued expertise in the education sector | SPIE

    The installation will also feature a daylight-linked PIR lighting control system, including absence detection in classrooms, which reflects SPIE's expertise with energy saving solutions whilst contributing to energy management on campus. The architects, NORR, have designed the new campus building to minimise overall energy consumption whilst adapting to a variety of interactive and collaborative teaching and learning needs