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Energy production

  • Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) | SPIE

    Battery energy storage systems (BESS) allow for the storage of renewable energy when production is high, so it can be fed into the grid later whenever demand outstrips supply... By providing the crucial interface between renewable energy production and the electricity grid, SPIE's BESS service and expertise are the flexible and stable solution necessary to further develop the production and use of renewable energy sources
  • SPIE chosen by the city of Bordeaux for the energy performance of its infrastructure | SPIE

    The 110 schools and day-care centers and the 36 cultural establishments of the city of Bordeaux will benefit from interventions on the heating, air conditioning, domestic hot water, ventilation and technical systems, always with a commitment to energy performance and the implementation of innovative carbon-free energy production operations
  • Development of a solar plant in Hungary | SPIE

    The development of this solar plant is an important step towards renewable energy production in Hungary. Hungary's energy supply currently relies on traditional power generation, it s a first step towards the energy transition
  • About SPIE | SPIE

    We ensure everyone has access to essential services: transport and mobility, energy production and distribution, IT and communications systems... We ensure everyone has access to essential services: transport and mobility, energy production and distribution, IT and communications systems
  • Smart grids | SPIE

    By ensuring flexible, real-time control of distribution networks, smart grids save energy production costs and reduce distributors ' reliance on fossil fuels. Read the video transcript
  • GEMCO is now SPIE Turbomachinery | SPIE

    With true partnership spirit, SPIE Turbomachinery offers services with high added value to clients in different sectors of activity, such as energy production, petroleum, chemicals, paper mills, sugar refineries, and incineration in France and abroad (Côte d' Ivoire, Congo, Angola, Senegal, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and so on)
  • Energy mix | SPIE

    Expanding the production, storage and distribution capacities of renewable energy is necessary to decrease society's dependence on fossil fuels... SPIE's solutions guide customers towards the sustainable production and optimised distribution of renewable energy... Energy production: installation and smart maintenance of solar, wind, biomass, hydroelectric, and geothermal infrastructures
  • Netherlands : SPIE in charge of the 'Charging on Sun' programme | SPIE

    Thanks to its integrated artificial intelligence, the energy management system is able, for example, to monitor the production of solar power and, based on that, controls the timing of electric car charging. "By comparing the energy demand of the electric fleet, and the solar energy production from the buildings of Rijkswaterstaat, the power is fed directly into the vehicles
  • SPIE provides its expertise to the MontLégia clinic | SPIE

    In partnership with Close, the Belgian subsidiary also secured a contract for energy production (boilers and refrigeration units). In total, no fewer than four SPIE employees and some 30 subcontractors will have worked for three years at the Liège site, with the project scheduled for completion in December 2019
  • Renewable energy | SPIE

    By contributing to the optimised integration of renewable energy production units into the grid, SPIE is actively assisting the energy transition. Development of a solar plant in Hungary