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Energy performance

  • SPIE reduces energy costs at Muldentalkliniken hospitals | SPIE

    SPIE reduces energy costs at Muldentalkliniken hospitals SPIE, the independent European leader in multi technical services in the areas of energy and communications, delivers energy savings at Muldentalkliniken hospitals in Grimma and Wurzen. Muldentalkliniken GmbH commissioned SPIE to plan, install and operate two combined heat and power plants and absorption chillers. In the framework of energy performance contracting, the multi-technical service provider financed the initial investment
  • SPIE Industrie & Tertiaire - Tertiaire division | SPIE

    Energy performance management (ESPC, ESC
  • SPIE launches SMART FM 360°, its new unified digital platform for its Technical Facility Management business line | SPIE

    The platform is designed to make life easier for users and technicians, enhance occupant comfort and personal and property safety, and optimise the energy performance of installations by prioritising their effective operation... They can view and track past and ongoing service visits, see whether a problem is recurring or a one-off event, evaluate the associated expenses, measure user satisfaction, and track performance indicators, in particular those related to energy performance
  • SPIE is hiring! | SPIE

    SPIE plays a role in regional development in particular, contributes to optimising building energy performance and puts forward innovative services to create the smart city. This work directly improves the quality of people's everyday lives
  • SPIE Facilities and SPIE CityNetworks: Two new French subsidiaries serving the Group's strategy | SPIE

    Its mission will be to offer and deploy services to improve buildings ' energy performance and occupants ' comfort in this fast growing market. In particular, SPIE Facilities will offer the latest innovations in predictive services: digital platforms, applications, Internet of Things (IoT), Analytics and User Experience
  • Expert opinion - Smart buildings: a rapidly evolving ecosystem | SPIE

    For example, 3D modelling enables us to integrate the new management of spaces and to optimise the energy performance of the building. Having the most precise information available in advance, such as the wear rate for components, also enables us to truly optimise maintenance costs
  • SPIE awarded "CHP Plant of the Year 2018" | SPIE

    The CHP plant, which supplies the hospital with cold, heat, electricity and steam, was planned and implemented by SPIE and Stadtwerke Bamberg in the form of an Energy Savings Performance contract in collaboration with the Sozialstiftung Bamberg (Bamberg Social Foundation) responsible for the hospital
  • Hospital Klinikum am Bruderwald: SPIE's "energy efficiency" innovations honoured | SPIE

    SPIE's" energy efficiency" innovations honoured. Essen / Nuremberg / Bamberg, March 14th 2017 -The hospital Klinikum am Bruderwald saves EUR 1 5 million net in energy costs each year. SPIE Energy Solutions upgraded the building technology as the lead partner together with the public utilities company Stadtwerke Bamberg
  • SRH Klinikum in Suhl extends its contract with SPIE | SPIE

    Technical facility management and energy efficiency from a single source... The German Energy Agency (dena) awarded the Best Practice in Energy Efficiency label to the SRH Klinikum in 2014 for energy savings... The on-site specialist SPIE team always meets the challenging requirements reliably and with a high level of internal performance
  • SPIE unveils an electric crane truck by putting up the Christmas lights in Strasbourg | SPIE

    When the vehicle is stationary, the electric pump automatically deactivates in order to save energy... With performance levels equivalent to those of a standard crane, the vehicle provides a wide range of benefits