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Energy consumption

  • Hospital Klinikum am Bruderwald: SPIE's "energy efficiency" innovations honoured | SPIE

    A new energy management system also helps technicians on site to continuously monitor energy consumption and further improve energy efficiency with quick adjustments. These optimisation measures significantly reduce the 768- bed hospital's expenditure and cut its CO2 emissions by 6 500 tonnes a year
  • SPIE achieves significant CO2 savings through "Steam as a Service" in Amsterdam | SPIE

    It lowers energy consumption and reliably supplies compressed air and steam while lowering the cost price. In short, a win-win situation for Albemarle and its customers, for SPIE and for the environment
  • SPIE customer scheme wins award | SPIE

    Other service components included the optimised operation of the recooling plants, the expansion of waste heat utilisation and the establishment of a modern, digital energy management system for continuous remote monitoring of energy consumption... Electricity and gas consumption have been reduced by at least 74 %. In total, AIXTRON SE saves more than EUR 200 000 a year with the support of the experts from SPIE Energy Solutions GmbH. This shows what effective and tailored solutions SPIE develops and implements jointly for its customers
  • Saving energy and cutting costs | SPIE

    SPIE will be present at" the Energieeffizienz Strategiedialog "as the multi-technical service provider's specialist knows exactly how to optimise the energy consumption of machines, facilities and buildings. One week later, SPIE will also demonstrate its substantial expertise in energy consulting at interCOGEN in Karlsruhe
  • SPIE guides the municipality of Schagen towards energy efficicency neutrality | SPIE

    This major operation will reduce CO 2 emissions, energy consumption and energy costs, bringing Schagen a step closer to becoming a fully sustainable and energy neutral municipality... In the coming year, the outdated, non- energy-efficient lighting will be replaced, which will reduce the costs of repairs, CO2 emissions, energy consumption and energy costs
  • SPIE Develops Unique Engineering Solution for the Shell Centre; Protecting the River Thames Aquatic life | SPIE

    Within the design solution, SPIE also provided increased capability to deliver enhanced" free cooling" at certain times of the year to reduce the total energy consumption of the overall system. All solutions had to be inspected by the UK Environmental Agency, which confirmed its agreement to SPIE's distinctive solution
  • Bordeaux Métropole chooses SPIE for its smart digital territory pilot scheme | SPIE

    The aim of this smart digital territory pilot scheme is to reduce energy consumption and collect data on a range of public facilities with a view to optimising the services that the metropolitan authority provides to users... Each sensor will be adapted to the facility on which it is fitted and will be capable of measuring not only its energy consumption, but also how it operates
  • SPIE to renovate drawbridges in Alkmaar | SPIE

    In addition to the advantage of a lighter (and therefore cheaper) construction, a lower total weight also means lower energy consumption. SPIE will be carrying out the steel construction, as well as electrotechnical and mechanical operations
  • Cyril Pouet appointed Managing Director of SPIE Facilities | SPIE

    By extending our influence on a national scale, SPIE Facilities offers the ability to steer ambitious, large-scale projects, with our technical mastery, optimisation of energy consumption, real time communication and control tools and innovative services. The major challenge in the coming years will be to continue to be seen by our customers as the leader in technical and digital developments, and to work on perceived quality, in the eyes of the users themselves, so as to be completely in tune with their expectations
  • SPIE Wins £2.6m Contract for Installation Upgrade at Manchester Airport | SPIE

    The energy-efficient, low maintenance and controllable tunnel lighting system will significantly reduce the energy consumption and running costs compared to the existing installation, whilst complying with the latest standards. Philip Kinsella, Operations Director of SPIE UK's Industrial Services division, comments