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Electricity consumption

  • SPIE reduces energy costs at Muldentalkliniken hospitals | SPIE

    Electricity, heat and cooling are now being produced by one existing and two new combined heat and power (CHP) plants as well as absorption chillers, thereby reducing energy costs... CHP plants generate electricity and useful heat... This corresponds to the energy consumption of around 660 households
  • SPIE customer scheme wins award | SPIE

    Electricity and gas consumption have been reduced by at least 74 %. In total, AIXTRON SE saves more than EUR 200 000 a year with the support of the experts from SPIE Energy Solutions GmbH. This shows what effective and tailored solutions SPIE develops and implements jointly for its customers. Additional scheme nominated
  • SPIE awarded "CHP Plant of the Year 2018" | SPIE

    The conventional CHP plant was replaced by a more powerful one in 2016. In 2018, approximately 50 percent of the hospital's electricity and 54 percent of its heat consumption have been covered by the new CHP plant. A significant increase in overall efficiency
  • Hospital Klinikum am Bruderwald: SPIE's "energy efficiency" innovations honoured | SPIE

    As a result, 50 % of the hospital's electricity requirements are generated directly on its premises, as well as heat, steam and cooling... A new energy management system also helps technicians on site to continuously monitor energy consumption and further improve energy efficiency with quick adjustments
  • Saving energy and cutting costs | SPIE

    SPIE will be present at" the Energieeffizienz Strategiedialog "as the multi-technical service provider's specialist knows exactly how to optimise the energy consumption of machines, facilities and buildings... SPIE is sought after mainly as a result of its modern electricity and heat generation solutions, which are provided from a single source and tailored individually to every single customer
  • SPIE looks to conquer new markets in Île de France Nord-Ouest | SPIE

    We are in a position to roll out the most high-performance systems: appropriate management of energy consumption, remote control of heating and lighting, access security and videophones, etc... Its particular strength is the fact that it combines, in the same business unit, both HVAC and electricity activities