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Electrical engineering services

  • Performance improvement solutions | SPIE

    SPIE is an independent European Group and leader in HVAC systems and electrical engineering services. It also has expertise in mechanics, automated systems, video protection and communications systems
  • SPIE wins contract with Wilton Engineering Services Ltd for wind turbine installation | SPIE

    London, February 27 2019 --SPIE UK, a subsidiary of SPIE, the independent European leader in multi technical services in the areas of energy and communications, won a contract with Wilton Engineering Services Ltd (WESL), for the Installation of Electrical and Mechanical Scope of 20 Transition Pieces for the Ørsted (formerly DONG Energy) Hornsea Project One Offshore Wind Farm works- the world's largest offshore wind farm
  • SPIE takes part in development of the service sector hub for the Viotte eco-district in Besançon | SPIE

    Illkirch, March 26th 2018 --SPIE Est has just been awarded the contract for the electrical installations, HVAC (Heating- Ventilation- Air Conditioning) and sanitary plumbing for the service sector hub for the Viotte eco district in Besançon by the property developer Sedia... Around 30 people from SPIE Est's Climate Engineering and Service Industry Operations Directions will be deployed on these operations for a period of 24 months, due to start in April 2018. We are pleased to be contributing to a large-scale project for Besançon
  • Employment | SPIE

    SPIE is the leading independent service provider of electrical, mechanical and climatic engineering, energy and communications systems in Europe. With close to 600 sites in 38 countries, the Group offers a wide variety of activities in crucial sectors
  • SPIE signs an agreement to acquire OSMO in Germany | SPIE

    Founded in 1970 and located in Georgsmarienhütte, Lower Saxony, OSMO provides a range of technical services to industrial customers and public authorities, including traffic engineering, electrical systems, automation technology, switchgear and power supply assembly, energy supply systems and communication and security technology
  • SPIE equips new research building "LASE" of the Kaiserslautern Technical University with the latest building technology | SPIE

    -SPIE has been awarded a contract for carrying out the complete energy, electrical and lighting engineering in the new research building" LASE" of the Kaiserslautern Technical University. -To begin with, the multi-technical service provider will be taking on the installation and maintenance of the cutting-edge building technology until March 2020
  • SPIE Wins Contract in Luxury Redevelopment of the Prestigious Regent's Crescent in London | SPIE

    London, July 30th 2018 -SPIE UK has been awarded a contract for the mechanical, electrical, public health and fire engineering services for the redevelopment of the Regent's Crescent, which was originally built by famed architect John Nash for the Prince Regent in 1820. The works are valued at over £ 20m and will be completed over an 86- week period, which began in June
  • SPIE installs state-of-the-art building technology in a new outpatient surgery centre | SPIE

    -Ten years ago, the multi-technical service provider had already equipped the client's previous practice with electrical technology... Extensive services in the field of electrical technology... SPIE supported the planning of the entire electrical engineering and carried out the basic installations for lighting and power supply