Control systems

  • Transport | SPIE

    Tunnel management: turn-key LED lighting, fire suppression, ventilation, drainage, pumping stations and control systems, public announcements... A smart lighting system allows controlled consumption, better safety in public spaces and a reduction in light pollution
  • SPIE's governance | SPIE

    A rigorous risk control system has also been designed in response to the decentralised nature of SPIE's activities: operational risk management is carried out within each entity, while cross-functional management is provided by a dedicated governance structure. Read the video transcript
  • SPIE acquires PMS Sicherheitstechnik + Kommunikation GmbH in Germany | SPIE

    PMS, with its head office located in Dresden, was founded in 1991 and covers the entire value chain in the area of security and communications, from design and planning to installation and maintenance of fire detection, burglar alarm and access control systems, as well as smoke and heat extraction systems
  • Germany : SPIE realised the electrotechnical installations for the Schiffenberger Wacht complex, in Giessen | SPIE

    "Our scope of services included planning and implementing the desired lighting systems and installing central points so each tenant can freely choose their own access control system, "explains the project manager. A radial configuration comprising glass-fibre and copper lines was used for the network infrastructure from the central IT room to the IT distribution systems in each rental unit
  • Safety and Security | SPIE

    Fire safety systems (fire detection and control) and maintenance. Access control systems (ID readers and locking mechanisms)
  • SPIE supports Orléans Métropole in the deployment of its electric bus fleet | SPIE

    Although temporary, this bus depot required SPIE's specific technical expertise, particularly in setting up IT links compatible with those already in place and deploying access control, video protection and intruder alarm systems- all of which are 100 % interoperable with the IT systems used at the main depot
  • SPIE sets up a new fire alarm system for the large-scale bakery Schäfer's | SPIE

    Therefore, SPIE will be responsible for the design and upgrade of the fire alarm system of the backery in Lehrte, and the implementation of a specifically designed management system for centralized control and monitoring of the fire alarm and access control system. The contract also includes the installation of a door surveillance system
  • SPIE takes part in development of the service sector hub for the Viotte eco-district in Besançon | SPIE

    the HVAC installations, including a 500 KW wood-fired boiler, two 700 KW gas boilers, 5 dual flow thermodynamic air handling units, high current" electrical installations, including 4 high voltage substations, 3 high and low voltage 800 KVA transformers, lighting with around 3 500 light sources, low current" electrical installations, including the fire safety system and automatic sprinkler system, the VDI network (Voice, Data, Images), a combined videophone and intercom- based access control system
  • Commerzbank continues its long-standing cooperation with SPIE until the end of 2024 | SPIE

    SPIE looks after the complex property's building control system, building services and the heating and air conditioning systems, and also ensures an uninterruptible power supply, as well as emergency power and cooling systems. "Due to the great variety and complexity of the systems, the service centre is very challenging from a technical point of view
  • Lighting | SPIE

    Lighting control systems, detectors, programming and automation. Auditing, diagnostics and inventory of the lighting systems