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Contribute to the development

  • Belgium: SPIE is contributing to the development of renewable energy | SPIE

    SPIE is contributing to the development of renewable energy
  • Sustainable mobility | SPIE

    To this end, the Group has contributed to the development of public-sharing bicycle systems in key French cities (Lyon, Rennes, Lille and Paris). The Group also supports its customers in the transition to electric mobility by offering a full line of electric vehicle charging station infrastructure in several major cities in France
  • Improving quality of life | SPIE

    SPIE endeavours to promote sustainable urban mobility by contributing to the development of low- and zero-emissions transport. The Group also plays a major role in improving traffic using intelligent transport systems designed to optimise vehicle management and provide real-time information to operators, drivers and travellers
  • Health and safety | SPIE

    In this way, SPIE's responsibility in matters of safety contributes to its development. High standards of prevention
  • SPIE selected as 'Top Employer' in Belgium for the 12th time | SPIE

    The Top Employers Institute helps companies that provide the best working conditions to be recognized as quality employers, which contributes to their development. Since its inception, the Top Employers Institute has certified more than 1 300 organizations in 115 countries
  • Suppliers charter | SPIE

    We believe that compliance with this charter by our service providers will help to create value for all parties and contribute to the development of mutually beneficial partnerships
  • Low-carbon energy production | SPIE

    SPIE plays a direct role in large-scale green projects all across Europe, contributing to the development of renewable sources in the energy mix. To this end, the Group provides its customers with unique expertise on legal, administrative and financial planning, integrating equipment and optimising maintenance
  • Sale of SPIE | SPIE

    We are excited to be in a position to contribute to this new phase of SPIE's development, with our partners from Clayton Dubillier & Rice together with Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, historical partner of AXA Private Equity." About SPIE. As the European leader in electrical and mechanical engineering and HVAC services, energy and communication systems, SPIE enhances the world around us and contributes to its development by helping local and regional authorities and companies design, build, operate and maintain greener, more energy-efficient facilities
  • Welcome to the virtual world of MySPIE! SPIE Group creates an interactive web island where the game gets serious* | SPIE

    MySPIE illustrates the group's desire to enhance the world around us and contribute to its development. Consequently, the aim is to keep improving MySPIE and to regularly enrich it with new contents and functions, and to equip it with a real-time 3D engine in the near future so Internet users can wander more freely around its island
  • SPIE looks to conquer new markets in Île de France Nord-Ouest | SPIE

    We are therefore pursuing three objectives: to support businesses in developing solutions most suited to their needs, to promote innovation, and to contribute to the development of installations that meet both the requirements of end consumers and energy efficiency criteria. Playing a part in Ambition 2020, SPIE's corporate plan for France