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Contribute to the development

  • Belgium: SPIE is contributing to the development of renewable energy | SPIE

    SPIE is contributing to the development of renewable energy... SPIE is contributing to the development of renewable energy
  • Street lighting | SPIE

    Through the use of sensors and smart management, the lighting systems allow greater comfort, safety and energy efficiency, thus contributing to the development of the city of tomorrow. Redevelopment of the Allier's banks
  • SPIE, partner of the Pyrenees | SPIE

    The proximity of SPIE's branches therefore provides mountain sector players with a local service provider that contributes to the development of" the 4-season mountain" intended to ensure the future of tourism in the mountain range. Contacts
  • SPIE acquires Valorel in France | SPIE

    We are convinced that our expertise will contribute to the development of SPIE in France. Contacts
  • SPIE is actively involved in the transformation and modernisation of the nuclear sector | SPIE

    With nearly 3 000 companies and 220 000 employees, the French nuclear sector contributes greatly to the country's economic development whilst making a significant contribution to the production of quality low-carbon energy at competitive prices... A major player in the nuclear sector, SPIE Nucléaire has been helping its customers for over 50 years to design, construct, operate, maintain and dismantle their facilities while contributing to the development of low-carbon energy
  • SPIE selected as 'Top Employer' in Belgium for the 12th time | SPIE

    The Top Employers Institute helps companies that provide the best working conditions to be recognized as quality employers, which contributes to their development. Since its inception, the Top Employers Institute has certified more than 1 300 organizations in 115 countries
  • Profile & key figures | SPIE

    The digital solutions implemented by SPIE help its customers to improve their performance and contribute to the development of their regions. Taking action for the energy transition
  • Society | SPIE

    In addition, by promoting local employment, SPIE is contributing to the economic development of the areas in which it operates. 2020 key figures